Busy House Painter Painting the Trim And Shutters of A Home.

Exterior painting is not only important for keeping your home insulated and waterproofed from the elements, but it also adds a tremendous amount of value and curb appeal to your home too. Chipped and faded exterior paint is not only an eye sore, but can also be very damaging to your home.

Exterior painting adds a layer of protection to your home from the elements, insects and rotting. Once that layer of protection is compromised by old cracked paint it can no longer protect your home. That’s when you give HT Floors and Remodel a call to handle all of your exterior painting needs! We have been painting the exteriors of homes throughout Lewisville for over 20 years both protecting and enhancing the homes of our clients.

So when it comes time to repainting the exterior of your home, don’t wait and call HT Floors and Remodel for a FREE and honest quote. Let the professionals handle your exterior painting needs!